China Top 100 Ultra-Rich Distribution (Source: author’s calculations based on data from Forbes China Rich lists); Credit: Stone Shi

The Great Divide Between China’s Rich And Poor

China’s wealthiest 100 individuals have more wealth than the poorest two-fifths of the country’s population combined. The country also needs to offer equal social benefits and educational opportunities for all of its citizens.
Migrant Workers in China. Photo credit: Feng Cai (枫彩) via Wikimedia

New Semester, No Schools

For some migrant workers’ kids, now they have to choose between moving back to their hometowns, or stopping attending schools as usual.
A Chinese garden in Hong Kong, July 2008 (Photo: Stone Shi)

Why Confucius Institutes Are Good For Democracy

Many Western universities are rethinking their initial enthusiasm for hosting Chinese Confucius Institutes, but they should recognize that public diplomacy cuts both ways.
Tiananmen Square, Beijing (July, 2018); photo by Stone Shi

China’s Urgent Need For Pro-Natalist Population Policies

To eliminate any limit on births and to adopt a pronatalist birth policy with various incentives to childbearing, like in those developed countries, is the best and urgent choice for China.
A tangle of wires on a back street in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, April 2018

What Trump’s ZTE Tweets Tell Us About China And The Bigger Issue Of A...

In this high-stakes game of trade poker, Donald Trump doesn’t particularly want to break ZTE–but Xi Jinping very much wants to preserve it.
Cherry blossoms in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, April 2018

Why Kim And Trump Both Stand To Win In Historic US – North Korea...

All signs are that Kim wants a deal–a deal that could make his country (and his dynasty) more stable, more secure and potentially much richer.
A view of the city wall of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, April 2018

Why There Will Be No Trade War Between The US And China

Xi and Trump are unconventional leaders who are willing to push the limits to get what they want.
Detail shot from a temple in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, April 2018

If North Korea Opens Up, Rason Could Become North Korea’s Shenzhen

Rason could in theory act as the saltwater terminus of a 50 mile (80 km.) trimodal transport corridor from Jilin province’s Hunchun inland port to the wide Pacific Ocean.
Landscape flowers surrounding the Bell Tower, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, April 2018

When Modi And Xi Meet In Wuhan, Investment Is Likely To Drive The Agenda

News on the street is that Chinese investment is quietly pouring into India, much of it below the radar screen because it is channeled in via third countries.
Big Wild Goose Pagada, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, April 2018

A Stronger Xi Jinping Uses The Boao Forum For Asia To Relaunch His Economic...

Xi now has more power than any Chinese leader in decades, but he still can’t change the laws of economics.